Flight physics

Mostly focusing on the physics and mathematics of flying.

How do bank or curving affect the G force on the plane? It turns (sic.) out that the gforce depends on the angle alone and not on the speed.

  1. gforce(ang) = sqrt(1+sqr(tan(ang))).

The turn radius on the other hand depends on the speed.

  1. turnradius(V,A) = sqr(V)/(g*tan(ang))

Speeds (and polars)

A particular plane in a specific configuration at level flight (that includes weight, flies on the front of the wing, …) have some characteristic speeds that we should take notice of.

Vmin-sink – is the speed at which the plane have the minimum sink. If you look at the polar it is the top point where the first derivative is 0.

Vbest-glide – is the speed at which the ratio between sink and speed are best. This is the speed for best glide in calm air.

How do

What happens to Vmin, Vbest,